"Even after the last word, my pulse raced with uncontrollable motions. Hands down, a MUST-READ book!" - EK Blair, NYT Bestselling Author
"If you love heart stopping romance and want to be swept up in a story with a difference then do not hesitate to pick this one up. These two young lovers were guilty of stealing our heart." - Totally Booked Book Blog
"One of most captivating, engrossing, thrilling, unputdownable reads that I've read in a LONG time! FIVE STARS!" - Maryse's Book Blog
"Wow! Low. Read it. Love it. Savor it. One crazy ride that you won't want to end. So incredible, soperfectly imperfect. Mary hit a home run with this one!" - Schmexy Girl Book Blog
"If you're looking for a fast paced story that will keep you on the edge of your seat, one that will make you think, make you feel, make you fall in love AND is exquisitely written, pick up Low! A 5 star favorite for me!" - Christy Baldwin, GoodreadsTop Reviewer/BookBabes Unite Book Blog
"Low isn't like every other book on the market and that's what I love. I loved that it stays with me. I loved that I could feel the love and chemistry between the characters. I seriously loved everything about thisstory." - Reading is Sexy Book Blog
"Raw, real, gut wrenching and intense, Low by Mary Elizabeth has made me believe in a new kind of happily ever after. 5 stars isn't enough for this book." - Rachel Brookes, Bestselling Author
"Low will go on mylist of top favorite reads!" - United Indie Book Blog
"The novel is punctuated with beautiful moments of tenderness and honesty hidden between scenes of violence and desperation that serve to prove what a gifted storyteller Mary Elizabeth is and will continue to evolve into." - Amber Johnson, Amazon Bestselling Author
"This was a brilliant book that kept me turning those pages well into the night until I finished and when I knew what was coming my heart raced like I was part of the story." - Eye Candy Bookstore
"Low is a wildly unique love story that dares you to lose your heart. It's a heart-pounding action romance that features amazing anti-heros that I highly recommend." -Debra Anastasia, Amazon Bestselling Author
"Low is perfection at its best." - Dani Hart
"Think Romeo and Juliet meets Bonnie and Clyde. Just epic!" -The Real Housewives of Romance Book Blog

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Kobo: http://bit.ly/1ONOUnP
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