Beauty and Soul

I have a really good feeling about 2016 and Mary Elizabeth Literature. Low is going to be a great jumping off point for what I have planned. I feel more together and motivated than I have in a couple of years, like I've finally dropped dead weight and am ready to move on--my style, my stories, my way.

True Love Way was important tale to tell and I loved writing every word of it, both as a fan fiction and novel. It was exactly what I needed to keep my mind working and my fingers typing while I took the time to discover exactly what direction I want to go in and construct a concrete plan. It was something I wrote before I ever had the idea for Dusty. Which is the reason I chose TLW as my third self-published book. It was a throwback to a time when things were simple--before writing was lucrative, contractual, or nail-biting--and a reminder that I have the ability to create worlds and put the reader in a spell with storytelling.

True Love Way was me saying, "Here’s a glimpse of what I’m about, a little bit love, a little bit tender, a little bit easy. Enjoy.”

Now, I’m reenergized. My imagination is a loaded weapon, and my fingers are smoking barrels. I’ve dove head first into Low, drowning in this brand new world where what I say goes. Only me, and I’m killing it.

This is me screaming, “Here is the whole thing, wide-open! Take me as I am. Enjoy.”

I will own all 365 days of 2016. I’ll take the talent I’ve been blessed with, the team of people who gift me with their lives and abilities and encouragement, and my integrity, and set this motherfucker on fire one spark at a time.

Gone are the days where I sit back idle, underwhelmed by literary trends and overwhelmed legal terms. From this day forward, I will absolutely write whatever the fuck I want, when I want, even if that puts me a little outside the box. I'm in good company.

It’s about me and a blank document.

THAT is beauty. THAT is soul. 

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