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Yesterday, Sarah and I saw our completed Innocents cover for the first time. We couldn't help but feel both incredibly grateful and overwhelmingly nostalgic. "Dusty" is something we've been working on for years, and for those of you who have been with us for the entire ride--when we were still working a timeline and posting pictures on Tumblr. Or when we decided over Twitter that we would call ourselves "YellowBella"--you know we've been though a lot of ups and plenty of downs.
*cough* Shey Stahl *cough*

But to see an actual cover ... to know that in a few months our readers will be able to hold a tangible copy in their hands ... is a dream come true. 

I know you all want to see it, and you will. Soon. 
Until then, I can give you a little information on our cover designer. 

Ari surpassed our expectations and delivered the most beautiful book cover I've ever seen. (Yes, my opinion is biased, but whatever. It's true.) She was patient, kind, and prompt. She understood that Sarah and I are first time publishers, so we were (are) nervous and unsure. Ari walked us through the entire process and was (is) available when we had (still have) even the dumbest questions or concerns. 

If you're looking for someone to put a cover on your book, I most definitely recommend using Ari at Cover It! Designs. I can't imagine not using her.  

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BeatlessBeatless by Amber L. Johnson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Can we just start with the cover?

Isn't that the most perfect cover you've ever seen?

Judge this book by it's cover, because what's inside is just as flawless.

I finished Beatless over two weeks ago and I still think about it daily. I think about Tucker (my book husband,) Mallory (who could easily be any of us,) and Aunt Sam (I wish she were mine.) I think about how Amber, in less than 200 pages, made me love these characters like they're members of my own family.

I recently saw a comment someone made about Amber Johnson. It said something like, Amber is a book author, a song writer, and a play writer.

It's so true.

The amount of talent she used to create the scenes she wrote inside Beatless blew my mind. Beatless is not a "musical" but it is about music. Simply and beautifully and most of all, believably. I felt the rush of what it felt like to be on stage when Tucker and Mallory were. My adrenaline flowed for them ... I could see and hear it perfectly. I wanted to go onto YouTube and watch their video! LOL.

There's the right amount of sweet moments and hurtful moments and "Just make up already!" moments. Tucker and Mallory are sexy and funny, and not at all annoying. The only time I had to put the book down while reading was when I had to fan my face, because, yeah ... Tuck is my book husband for a reason.

Don't hold on to this one for too long. If you have it, read it. If you're thinking about purchasing it, one-click now. Lock yourself in a room and read it in one day. Read it over and over.

But you can't have Tucker. Sorry. We're in love.

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Hi! Like everything else, all of this is a work in progress. But welcome. Make sure to mark July 14, 2014 on your calendars! Thanks for all of the support. 
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