What does Dusty mean to you?

I don’t think this can be easily answered—it’s complicated. So much went into the story writing and character development of the boy who drops us all to our knees.

To me, Dusty the character represents the struggle of growing up imperfect. I mean, here is this kid who literally has the world in the palm of his hand—money, good looks, no restrictions, love—and instead of taking it and running, he lives fast. Dusty tries to do right by the people he cares for because he has a deep soul, but trouble is exactly that … trouble. Bliss is the softer side of his madness, but not any less tricky in her own right.

In my opinion, Innocents (Dusty #1) is simple realism. It may not be easy to read because of its contents—it was certainly not easy to write—but this happens! Kids are impulsive and easily swayed, and parents mostly want well for their children, but neither know everything, and both live and learn. Although this story is told from Dusty and Bliss’ points of view, it was important to make each character significant because each has a story to tell.

It’s not right vs. wrong, or good vs. evil.

It’s life.

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