I was interviewed by the amazing Lindsay Gray. 

I had the distinct privilege to connect with this author through several of my author friends. She is a strong and passionate writer who makes up half of the writing duo known as The Elizabeths. I was so happy that she took the time to answer my questions.

Lindsey: Your upcoming novel, Innocents, is written with your writing partner, Sarah Elizabeth. What was your biggest challenge writing with another person?

Mary: Compromise.

I would never have guessed this, but actually writing Dusty was the easy part; it’s the rest I struggled with.

There’s a lot that goes into designing, marketing, and publishing a book. Every day it seems like there is one more thing that I didn’t know needed to be done … such as ISBN numbers. No joke, those silly little numbers gave me stress hives on my legs, but ISBN numbers are important and can’t be overlooked.

The blurb is something that kept me up at night. And my author bio.  Those things are trivial, but they mean everything in the end. Any writer working by themselves can probably confirm that. Now, include a second person into the equation who has equal say on everything, and imagine the stress. More so because we had to create an actual business and get ourselves licensed and write up a contract.

Of course, the sleepless nights are worth it. Dusty is worth it. But it’s hard.

For the rest of the interview, visit Lindsey Gray! 

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