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HARLOT (Hush #2) by Mary Elizabeth

Release Date: May 5th

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This isn’t fair.

He claims to not want me, but he doesn’t want anyone else to have me either.

And I’m melting for him.

“Camilla.” Wilder holds his hand out for me.

I take one look at it and walk away.

The cage around our hearts tightens with each step, but what’s another rope burn when you’re already on fire?

He watches John Michael’s finger trail down my arm. Wilder stirs when the man leans in and whispers, “How much?” Dark gray eyes turn stormy, and his headful of hair looks like it was caught in the wind.

He moves forward when I accept John’s hand in mine, and I almost don’t have it in me to move one foot in front of the other.

“Wilder, let her go,” Lydia says as I lead Lucky away.

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Camilla Hearst is a Harlot.

God forgives little girls who don’t obey, but he forsakes women who surrender their bodies to desires of the flesh.

Raised to believe her very existence was a sin, Camilla escaped her father’s iron fist and chased the sun to Grand Haven, California, where one thing was for certain:

It’s a man’s world.

She was prepared to live in it until the day Camilla met the highest paid escort in the city—exposing an underground world where women rule like queens. Now Camilla finds herself offering her body to the highest bidder.

Falling for Grand Haven’s golden-boy and mafia attorney, Wilder Ridge, only strengthens her desire to break free from her dark past and control her own destiny. But in a society where everything has a price tag, she discovers her body isn't the only thing for sale.

So is her life.




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